Treatment Options

Initial Visit
(60 minutes)


In this visit, you can expect your Massage Therapist to perform a thorough interview and assessment to discover the root of your complaint. You will then receive massage and likely some exercise instruction for the remainder of the visit. In this appointment, your RMT will work with you to outline a treatment plan to address your ongoing care.



60 minute  $120.00 

30 minute $70.00 (JOSH)

These visits are considered follow ups to your initial visit. Your practitioner will perform a brief assessment to ensure your progress is improving as expected, and continue with your treatment plan. If anything has changed for you between visits,  this can be discussed in these appointments.



If you are seeking general massage for a non-specific issue, please consider booking with one of our bodyworkers. This includes stiff necks, achey and sore muscles, or even general relaxation treatments. These providers have undergone supervised internships to ensure the highest level of care and professionalism in the treatment environment.