Massage Therapy

Facilitate Your Motion

Massage is widely known as an effective treatment for joint and muscle dysfunction. We look at the body as a whole, assessing your movement patterns to identify restrictions. With this knowledge, we then apply our unique treatment methods to improve your physical function and get you moving optimally. 

More Movement

Onward and Upward

How did your body get to where it is? Take charge and change the way you move. Pain can be a function of poor motor programming, so our guided exercise brings the focus back to quality of movement, not intensity. After your session, you will leave with simple exercises you can integrate into your daily routine. Treatment can get your motion back, we just need to teach you how to use it. 

Total Network

It Takes a Village

Let's face it, no one person has all the answers. Whether you’re training to be the next Olympic athlete or are trying to get through your recent string of migraine headaches, a multi-faceted approach is going to get you better results. We have built strong working relationships with other healthcare and fitness professionals to ensure that our clients have access to the services they require.


We believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with physical awareness. Our aim is to help you identify your goals, recognize your deficiencies, and correct those through treatment and movement coaching. Our unique approach to physical care will have you feeling great and performing better than ever in no time.


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Penticton, BC, Canada



Penticton, BC, Canada